Terms and Conditions

For the purpose of this agreement “National” will refer to National Industries Embroidery Plus Inc. the owner and operator of this site and “Purchaser” will refer to the user of this site who completes a purchase.  

The following comprises the agreement made between the Purchaser and National.

For good and valuable consideration the parties agree as follows:


Merchandise”means any product sold on this site; 

Online” means through the website of National after clicking on a hyperlink posted on the website of the Local; 

Sale” or “Sell”means the sale of, or the offer for sale of, the Merchandise through the Store or Online;

Store” means the physical store at the Local where the Merchandise is sold;

Trade-marks” means any trade-mark specified by the Local and as may be set out in Schedule “A”.


The purchaser agrees and confirms that it has all right, title, interest, and authority to direct National to use the Trade-marks for the Merchandise.


The purchaser shall indemnify, defend at no cost and expense to National, and hold harmless National, its officers, employees, agents, from any loss, damage, liability, demand, lawsuit, debt, charge, action, causes of action, penalty, interest, claim, cost, tax, interest, or expense whatsoever, including without limitation any and all out-of-pocket costs and actual legal and accounting fees, indemnities, duties, accounts, bonds, covenants, claims over, claims for contribution or indemnity, warranties, either at law or in equity, that may be incurred arising out of National’s use of the Trade-marks.


National is not liable for anything under this Agreement connected with National’s use of the Trade-marks. 


The Purchaser confirms that it has all right and authority and full power to enter into this Agreement and to give all rights and assurances which it does under this Agreement.